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Sex, Lies and Dating in the City Mon, 04/27/09
Worth Every Penny

One of the things I love to do for fun is to go see live music. My favorite place to do that in NYC is Dizzy's Club Coca-Cola, which is part of Jazz at Lincoln Center which is actually in the Time Warner Center (essentially an upscale shopping mall at Columbus Circle at the southwest corner of Central Park). Jazz is my favorite type of music to see live and Dizzy's is my favorite place to see it in NYC.

I tend to slip this into a conversation pretty early in any relationship, or potential relationship. I don't do well with guys who hate jazz. I don't need them to love jazz, but I need them to be open-minded about it, and hopefully willing to go with me every once in a while to see it live.

When a guy responds positively and adds his own praise to how wonderful a venue Dizzy's is, well then, I know I've found myself a potential keeper. When he says he likes jazz and then...

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Wine Lover's Journal Tue, 04/14/09
Bordeaux Prices Show Signs of Dropping
- Diane Letulle's Loves Wine Blog

During the spring, wine buyers flock to Bordeaux to taste the vintage of the previous fall. So in March, the 2008 wine from the great Chateau was being tasted. There is a tradition here when it comes to pricing the wine: the famous wine critic Robert Parker will release his reviews (on a 100 point system) and then the chateau owners will put a price to bottle, most often in June.

But the rarified world of Bordeaux wine cannot escape the world financial crisis. In addition, many observers believe that the pricing structure in Bordeaux became out of whack after the spectacular 2005 vintage. It seems that the prices for 2006 and 2007 Bordeaux did not drop much, even though the wines from these years did not compare to the 05. That was in the days when investment bankers with bulging wads of cash snapped up Bordeaux, pushing the prices out of the reach of the average wine collector. But those days are done. In light of the world financial crisis, many are concerned about...

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Wine Lover's Journal Tue, 03/17/09
Irish Loving Wine Drinkers Can Fill their Cup with Mead
- Diane Letulle's Loves Wine Blog

It’s the day when everyone’s Irish! So, what’s a wine lover to do if she doesn’t feel up to a Guinness, and the thought of green beer turns her, well, green?

How about enjoying an ancient Irish wine-based beverage--mead? Many experienced Renaissance Fair visitors are familiar with the sweet beverage, as it is often sold at these events. But there’s a lot more to mead than men in tights and corseted ladies.

Mead is a mix of white wine, honey, and herbs. This sweet elixir is said to have wondrous properties. I love the old Irish tradition that after couples were married, they were sequestered for a full moon cycle (a month) with a supply of mead and a comfy bed. If a baby was born nine months later, it was attributed to the fertility powers in the drink....

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